Celebrating Memorial Day

After posting my Memorial Day weekend blog yesterday,  a sharp-eyed reader raised a question about one of the pictures.  The picture (the one above) was smaller in yesterday’s blog.  Nevertheless, the reader was certain she recognized the location and event.  She was correct.

Celebration at the Station

The photo was taken a few years ago at the Kansas City Symphony’s annual, patriotic “Celebration at the Station.”  The location is the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, and the “Celebration” is appropriately performed just down the hill from the National Museum and Memorial to World War I.  Here’s a little more info:

The “Liberty Memorial”

Opened to the public in 1926 as the “Liberty Memorial,” (and still known by that name),  it was designated by the United States Congress in 2006 as America’s official museum dedicated to World War I. https://www.theworldwar.org


The concert tomorrow (May 28, 2017) will mark the 15th Celebration at the Station.

Whether you are lucky enough to be there to enjoy the concert or will be elsewhere celebrating this kickoff to summer 2017 —

Happy Memorial Day! 

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