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“You have to be an oldest daughter. No one else would write this.” 

The above email arrived when I was writing a book about the impact  of this birth-order position on our lives and those with whom we are connected by birth or choice.  The e-mailer was correct (Click on About Patricia Schudy for more info).  I am an oldest daughter.

Why “Connections” for adult oldest daughters

“Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.” That’s the famous line Alexander Pope penned  back in 1734.  Most of us experienced expectations of leadership and  responsible care for others when we were growing up.   As adults, we are inclined to allow them to continue.

“Anna,” a  woman I interviewed for the above-mentioned book said she always seems to end up associating with others who are also the first-born females in their families.  It’s her opinion that, at some level, adult oldest daughters recognize each other.  Perhaps that’s because of the expectations and responsibilities we experienced growing up.  Or maybe there is something deeper.

Whatever the cause– my own experience for years has been that I  inevitably find myself in the midst of women who had been the first-born female in their families.

This website’s pages are intended to provide information and communication opportunities for our unique roles as adult oldest daughters.

The other pages

On the “Connecting the Dots”  blog page, I posts stories/thoughts about topics that have caught my attention and led me to connect certain dots.   I invite you to commen  at the bottom of the post.  Let me know why you think I’m spot on or off those dots.   (To be able to do this, you must first subscribe to the blog and then be verified through an email that you are actually the person wanting to follow the blog.)

The “Oldest daughters in the news” page gives information about some of the oldest daughters who are making headlines and why.

“The Oldest Daughter Book” page provides content and ordering information for Oldest Daughters: What to Know if you are one or have ever been bossed around by one.

“Contact Us”  lets you do just that.

I look forward to connecting.


Patricia Schudy


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