Why a website for adult oldest daughters


“You have to be an oldest daughter. No one else would write this.” 

This opinion is from an actual email I received when I was in the process of writing a book about us and the impact our birth-order position has had on our lives. No doubt, it’s also true: “No one else would create this website.”

One woman I interviewed for the above-mentioned book said she always seemed to end up associating with others who were also the first-born females in their families. At some level,  “Anna” believes, adult oldest daughters recognize each other because of the expectations and responsibilities we experienced growing up.

Based on my own experience, I agree with Anna.

I also believe that as a result of the expectations we continue to have of ourselves,  we need space away from the things crowding our lives.  So this is a space just for us—a place to learn, laugh, and love our lives through the website’s pages.

The Blog page contains posts about whatever caught my attention that week.  I invite you to comment, please,  at the bottom of the post.  Let me know why you think I’m spot on or off.   (To be able to do this, you must first have subscribed to the blog and then verified through an email sent to you that you are actually the person—not a spammer—wanting to follow the blog.)

The “Oldest daughters in the news” page gives current information about some of the oldest daughters who are making headlines and why. Nowhere else will you learn that these remarkable women are oldest daughters.

“The Oldest Daughter Book” page provides content and ordering information for Oldest Daughters: What to Know if you are one or have ever been bossed around by one.

“Contact Us”  lets you do just that.

I look forward to sharing this space with you.


Patricia Schudy


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