About Patricia Schudy


I am the first-born of five siblings.  That makes me one of an unknown number of oldest daughters.  Even the Census Bureau doesn’t know how many of us there are.IMG_0165-2

As an adult and with my husband, I became a parent of three sons and two daughters.  A bit later that expanded to include eight grandchildren.

Relationships are integral to who I am as a person and as a writer. I write

  • for the joy of using words for their sounds and for the way–when you string them together–they can create pictures, provoke thoughts and arouse emotions
  • to establish and feel the connections between myself and the reader of my book or blog or article
  • to talk about things that I see as relevant in my life and those around me
  • to share people’s stories
  • to hopefully help make others’ lives better

At age 15 I knew the fun, the joy, the thrill of writing a story for my high-school newspaper—and having readers respond.


For more than three decades I wrote bylined (by Pat Schudy) features in regional and national newspapers and magazines.   More than 200 of them, actually. IMG_1236.jpeg-small.jpeg Then for several years I  “talked with” the population of young people from ages 12-22  in nationally syndicated advice columns,  (“Talk to Us” and “Let’s Talk,” Universal Press Syndicate).


Recognizing the needs of young people across all socio-economic situations took me away from journalism for a few years.  I worked as a youth advocate, including co-founding and directing a regional nonprofit youth-information network and phone line . Later I became a credentialed college tutor, working with learning-challenged students.

I’ve since returned to the field of writing. I’ve published a non-fiction book and am currently at work on a novel, set in two centuries.   I continue to write my blog, “Connecting the Dots.” You can find updates by going to the home page and clicking on “book” or “blog.”

I am a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), the Northern Colorado Writers Association, and the Writers Idea Factory in Louisville, Colorado.

When I am not immersed in family and writing, I grab my camera and head out to capture the beauty I find in individuals and nature.  I’ve also been told I make really good cookies.



About the icon

At the top of each page on this website is a small icon.  It is one of a series of three copyrighted images artist Ann Marie Riederer Greenberg  (www.annmariegreenbergartwork.com) created for me.  It represents in a small way, my alter ego.